Chris Clark, Clark Custom Cartridge - obituary

I heard recently that Chris Clark of Mayfield Kentucky had passed away. I knew he was young, but was surprised to see that he had only just turned 39 last month. Not sure how he died, but he was in a hospital anyway. Chris ran “Clark Custom Cartridge” for the past 8 years at least, and was known for loading his incendiary “FUBAR” purple-tip loads in various common rifle and pistol calibers. Chris liked to tinker with the specialty loads and did tracers as well as some oddball .50BMG stuff that he was always playing with. I had talked to him several times over the years, and met him once when he showed up at SLICS in 2017.

The Clark Custom Cartridge website is shut down now and will not continue any sort of sales or production.

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Sad to hear that one has left our rows at this young age!
My thoughts are with his family.