Christian Sharps Companies

Can anyone provide a history of the various companies that Cristian Sharps was associated with and a timeline. I need the official company names and locations.

This from The Rifle In America by Philip Sharpe (no relation).

Sharps Rifle Mfg. Co.
Hartford, Conn
1848 (or 1851) - 1859

C. Sharps & Co.
Philadelphia, Pa
1859 - 1863

Sharps & Hankins
Philadelphia, Pa
1863 - 1872 (or 1870)

Failed in 1870 and re-organized in 1874

Sharps Rifle Co. (Or Sharps Rifle Mfg. Co.)
Hartford Conn
1874 - 1876

Sharps Rifle Co.
Bridgeport Conn
1876 - 1881

There are some glaring inconsistencies in the book, as you can see. Patents were issued in 1848 and 1864 but the first rifles were manufactured for Sharps by other companies prior to 1852 (or 1856).

I would not bet the estate on this in-as-much as all of Phil Sharpe’s books have a lot of errors.

Norm Flayderman mixes in even more inconsistent data and dates. There are several books devoted exclusively to Sharps and your best bet may be to peruse them.



Sharps Firearms by the late Frank Sellers is the definitive reference on all things Sharps at this time. Some good info on cartridges in it.

Reportedly a revised second edition incorporating many of Franks notes and the research of the leading Sharps collectors and historians may be in the works but probably several years out.