Christmas came early at Jacks' House!

I just got these handed to me on Thursday, free!
One Fuse box, One full box of Remington Kleenbore .22, (one end flap missing, ammo very dirty),Two 12 ga. Red Meteor Flares, and Two old shotshells, which are not special, EXCEPT that the paper hull Federal Monarch was what I hunted with when I was a kid!
The two Red Meteor:
Blue, HS: “REMINGTON 12 GA PETERS”, and hull marked:
“U.S.C.G. No. 130.066/4/0
KILGORE, TOONE, TN”, plus warnings…
Red, HS: “OLIN 12 G_ Red Meteor” [ _ = 0?] and hull marked:
BURN TIME 6 SECONDS”, plus warnings…
The top wad has “WW 0l”, for Winchester Western Olin??

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Your fuze box is German! :-)

Cool, thanks.
And I must ask: How, and why is nothing printed in German?

Because it was made for the US or somebody else who ordered it.
But given it does not have the typical US markings (NSN etc.) it could have been for tests or another country.

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Jack, the German fuzes made by Junghans in 1989 were ordered by the US Army Contracting Command in Europe and delivered to Longhorn AAP.



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Fede, cool, thanks!

Fede, thanks, I vaguely remember the Longhorn Army Ammo Plant…