Christmas Shopping for 9mmP

Last weekend I went Christmas Shopping on the Midway website looking for new 9mmP. Decided to pickup the four boxes shown below.

The COP box (made by RareAmmo in Louisiana) is entirely new to me. I had the ASYM in 45 ACP with a great ASYM headstamp so I bought it hoping for an ASYM headstamp in 9mmP. The Black Hills STEEL CASE was also new, and I expected a Russian headstamp but hoped that Christmas luck would deliver a BHA headstamp on a steel case. Finally, I was out of Grissly Extreme dupes and decided to buy another box, hoping to get a Grizzly headstamp for Christmas, inspite of the odds. Anyway, the boxes are nice and all go into the box collection except the Grizzly.

What I got were generic Starline headstamps in three of the boxes and in the Black Hills box, a big surprise. The gray lacqured steel cases are headstamped “HMC 9mm LUGER”. I didn’t expect to find Russian made Hornady cases in a Black Hills case. These have a 115gr RN HP bullet instead of the Hornady 125gr Truncated HP.

Does anyone have any ideas why BHA is using Hornady cases. Perhaps the Russians had a large production overrun they sold to BHA cheap, or perhaps Hornady had lost of excess cases. The box is marked “American Made Excellence”.

Has anyone seen an ASYM headstamp on a 9x19mm case???

Never know what you will find when you open a new box, but too often it is Starline generic! Still, I hear that there is a new headstamp “ARMSCOR USA 9mm LUGER”. I will go looking for it today! Always the optimist.

Cheers, and Happy Holiday!


There is also a 95gr +P 9mm “C.O.P.” load, and a 115gr standard pressure from them in 9mm. I also notice that ASYM had a solid copper Barnes HP bullet load called SDX, but it’s now discontinued?

Harbour Arms and Carlson’s also have new snap caps in 9mm on MidwayUSA, and I think they are sourced from the same Italian maker of anodized red aluminum snap caps.

My rep at Hornady stated a while back (2yrs?) that they’d had some problems with consistency in the coatings on their steel cases (unspecified, example was their .223 75gr practice round). I do not know if this was a Hornady-made component or something they had Ivan make for them.

I’d like to think that BH had enough foresight to use a ‘proven’ component when they fell into the steel-case cost-savings line, but the few folks I’ve talked to at BH lately have been disappointingly terse on their production, components, contracts, etc. I guess I’m just used to Hornady and ATK indulging my questions about minutiae.

MWinter, All the Hornady cases I have seen are clearly Russian made. I don’t know of any currently (or even recent) US made steel cases-at least not in 9mmP. There have been some Turkish made steel cases (reportedly made on Chinese supplied equipment) supplied to at least one US firm that is thinking about entering the commercial market. The cases I have are brass washed and headstamped USA 9mmLUGER, JAG 9MM 10, and MECA 9P. The latter headstamp includes the initials of the Turkish company.

My Christmas shopping has turned up the ARMSCOR USA headstamped cartridges mentioned in my original post.

Cheers, Lew