Christopher Hocke

Is anyone familiar with a book or publication titled “Auf eine harte Probe gestellt” (Put to the test) by Christopher Hocke from Germany? I have had several emails back and forth with him over the past year, but now he does not respond. PM me if you have any contact info. Thanks

I am not aware of any book in Germany titled “Auf eine harte Probe gestellt.” It sounds more like the title of a journal article, where it is fashionable to use fancy titles that actually hide the subject.

Christopher Hocke is one co-author of a recently published special volume of German journal Visier on bullets and ballistics: “Geschosse und Ballistik”. (Maybe the work on the chapter of hardcore and other special bullets kept him very busy.) You could try an email to:
VS-Medien being the publisher of Visier.