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howdy all,
i was on vacation for three weeks with little to no internet. there are a bunch of backlogged issues that i’ll start tacking asap, including but not limited to b/s/t requests, tweaks, etc. sorry not to give any warning.
on a side note, it was interesting to see the little bit of ammo on display at the “war remnants” museum in Saigon–all vietnam war era us-made headstamps you’d expect on 5.56, .45, .308, etc. very hard to go through a museum that celebrates the killing and “defeat” of us forces. i also picked up a rusty LC 76 5.56x45 casing near the temples at Angkor Wat, Cambodia, a place where apparently a good bit of fighting took place.



Chris - isn’t “76” a year after the total fall of the RVN to the NVA? What a late date to be found even in Cambodia. I know the VC had a lot of M16s, but they were no force after Tet 68. Did the NVA use the M16 much after the fall of RVN? When did they invade Cambodia? I have forgotten. At any rate, finding L C 7 6 there seems weird. Wonder how it got there?

Super interesting find, more because of the date than anything.

John Moss


Interesting question John! The NVA took South Vietnam in '75 and the Kahmer Rouge siezed the SS Mayagüez which the Marines recaptured in '75.

There have been lots of clashes between the Thais and the Cambodians along the border near the Angkor Wat ruins. Some back to the KR days and some in the last few years. This could be ammo that the Thais had. I don’t know who else was fighting in that area!