Chu Enoki headstamp

Anyone know anything about a Chu Enoki headstamp?

I’ve found through Google that the Japanese artist Chu Enoki produced an artwork entitled ‘cartridges’ (1991-2011) created from thousands of used cases, … _me0PVQT6M.

But I’ve now seen a case for sale with the actual headstamp ‘Chu Enoki 1996’. I don’t know the calibre but it is 28mm base diameter x 102mm oal.

Any ideas?

This looks like a 20 x 102mm NATO case. These are usually un-headstamped. The headstamp looks to have been added manually using punch-type letter stamps.

Interesting possibility, I wonder if the artist did this himself.

I looked at the website and it says that Chu Enoki made the sculptures while he was working at a scrap metal yard. Mitsubishi manufactured their own versions of the F-15 and F-16 aircraft, which are armed with this cannon. Therefore it is quite likely that these cases would be found in a scrap yard in Japan. He could possibly have found this case and stamped it himself.