Churchill shotshells

I am looking for a catalogue (or advertisements) of shotshells sold by Churchill London.

And could you show me pictures of the tube when the shotshells has the following hstp (not another one !)
N° Churchill 12 (or else) London



Any with that Head Stamp that I have unfortunately also have “Foreign Made Case” or “Made in France” so I can’t help you with that one. (As the advert picture)

This was the only one I could find quickly, I have some other adds but no time to look for them as I am away for a week.


Thank you Mike

I will contact you in one week.

When you will be back home you can carefully the specimen of your collection .
Indeed for the ctges made in France for Churchill you have two kinds :

  1. Made in France around the primer
  2. French made case around the primer

The shells of your catalogue are from 1924 or after.



this 20 gauge probably easier to read


Attached some Churchill bits.




Thank you to all

  1. There is also another mark existing on the tube::
    Special cartridge

It was for the first Churchill ctge who had the hstp : Churchill 8 Agard St Strand N°12
It was dated 1904

  1. For Jim :
    You post 5 pictures. Are the first 4 ones related to the same catalogue ?



Home two days earlier than expected.

Yes the pictures are from a 1930 catalogue.

You also mention the Churchill Special Cartridge, of 8 Agar Street. I take it this is for the SFM/Gevelot primed case with the inner head stamping “Made in France”?
Edit:- I have only the 16 Bore which was added to the range in September 1906. (along with the 20 bore).

“You also mention the Churchill Special Cartridge, of 8 Agar Street. I take it this is for the SFM/Gevelot primed case with the inner head stamping “Made in France”?”


Hi guys.
Here is a Churchill with brass all the way up,red/purple paper inside.
Unfortunately it has taken a hell of a beating…


Here is a better picture, these cases always appear to have a big gap round the primer pocket to the primer.

Does anybody know what the small “A” (with two dots either side) in-between the S & F on the primer is for? I have noticed that quite a few SFM primers have a character of some sort at that position.

This 20 Bore also has it, also what looks like an up turned “U” above the “20” on the head stamp!


They are the manufacturing dates

Thanks JP. any idea on the “U”.

when you show something, show all the elements : tube and hstp;

Indeed the letters giving the manufactured year on primer and tube is a cyclic code : going from A to Z, then again from A to Z, aso

The A on the primer is for: unknown date (except if I spend two hours searching my library) and 1928
The X on the primer is for 1926 or 1938
The U on the base is for 1902-1903 or 1925-1926

Therefore :

  1. The case hstped "Churchil 8 Agard Street with A on the primer is :
    from 1904 or after (because of the hstp)
    and nothing more due to the unknown date of the primer
    And big chances it is from before 1913 when they changed the hstp.

I cannot be more accurate if you don’t give me the drawing on the tube

  1. The case hstped “N° Churchill 20 London” with X on primer and U on the base is :
    from 1923 or after (because of the hstp),
    from 1902-1903 or 1925-1926 (because of the letter on the hstp
    from 1926 or 1938 (because of the letter on the hstp)

Therefore your shell is from 1926


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