Cincinnati shooting / Midwest Ammunition

From the recent shooting which occurred at a bank in Cincinnati, the police have released some photos of the gunman’s briefcase which had several boxes of 9mm ammo. It looks like some of the newer Remington style “military / L.E.” brown boxes which are just their basic FMJ, and then some boxes of Midwest Ammunition stuff. I’m sure this is not the sort of publicity Midwest is looking for as they are a smaller sized manufacturer (out of Hamilton, Ohio - just north of Cincinnati). The photo from the police is below, and then some clearer photos of the Midwest ammo from the Midwest wesbite:

9mm115bx2-768x587 9mmHP2-768x565

The brass from Midwest appears to be all once fired mixed brands, at least on their FMJ stuff. The JHP is likely new commercial brass of some common sort. The shooter probably picked up the ammo at either a gun show in the area, or at one of the “Shoot Point Blank” range franchises around Cincinnati, near Miamitown, or Highpoint

Their website indicates that the red boxes are re-manufactured ammunition but the black boxes are new cases. Does anyone know what brass Midwest uses for the “new” JHP ammunition?


I work at Midwest ammo. I forget what our new brass is. I will check tomorrow. Reason being we don’t do a whole lot of new brass because we don’t sell much of it. Our reman brass is our specialty, using very prestigious machines and spec measurement tools