"CINE ARMI" 303 British box

The name of the company on this box suggests that these cartridges were intended to be used in movies

Note that the cartridges are repacked italian military blanks, 303 British with wooden bullet.
I was not able to find out a website of this company so i think that it could had been closed several years ago, probably before the 1975 gun laws. Nowadays would be illegal to use this kind of cartridges in a movie in Italy

Pivi, nice box, thanks for posting. I don’t know much about this company but it certainly existed in the 1960-70’s. The blank cartridges found inside are headstamped B.P.D. 51-52. Are there any other dates in your box? Regards, Fede.

Fede, it’s not mine, anyway the cartridges inside are headstamped “BPD 51”

The Telephone numbers will give the general time frame of the Boxes…as Telephone usage and traffic increased, Numbers were re-organised with Zone Prefixes, and additional digits. This has already happened several times since the 1950s.

The Company ( Private Limited==srl == societa’ a responsibilita’ limitata…US LLC, or British/Aussie Pty.Ltd.) obvoiusly supplied Cine-Citta, the Rome studios originally expanded by Mussolini in the 1920s, from the original private Film studios built before WW I. ( “Film City”, near Fiumicino International Airport…occasionally, in some Sand and Sandal epic, a Boeing 707 is seen high in the skies!!!)

The Blanks would be Factory Loaded BPD, used by the Italian Army for (Lee Enfields etc) in Conscript training, 1950s) and by the Italian Airforce (“7,7” MGs) and Navy ( again, Lee Enfields, still in service into 2000.)

Doc AV