Circular Cropping

The following instructions are specifically for a free program called GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program). GIMP is a Photoshop clone and can be downloaded free at:

This is for a Windows version. There is a MAC version as well. Do a Google search for GIMP to find this.

While these instructions are specifically for GIMP, with minor variation they should apply to most Photoshop type programs.

  1. Open GIMP

  2. Click on File–Open

  3. Click on the File Source (Which Drive)

  4. Find the file your original image is in and click on it.

  5. In the Toolbox panel select the Elipse Tool (second item in the second row)

  6. Place the + at the top of the headstamp part of the image.

  7. Use the mouse to pull the + to the bottom edge of the headstamp.

  8. Now use the mouse to pull on the right and left side handles of the Elipse to make a circle the size of the headstamp image.

  9. From the menu at the top click on Image–>Crop to Selection

  10. Go back to the menu at the top and click on Select–>Invert

  11. Go to Edit–>Cut

  12. Go to File

  13. Use either Save or Save As depending on if you want to change the name of the headstamp image.

Here is an example of what it looks like:

This is the original image:

Here is the final image:

Thanks for the link, that certainly is a nifty editing tool :-)

Wow , cool .Just a question : how can I make the white surface around the modified image bigger?

Pivi–Why would you want the white area bigger?

I would guess that Pivi wants to add some text.

Yes , with a bigger white area it could be possible to add some text . Anyway , I have found that with a big picture the resulting white area would be very big , and I can cut to the proper size later

I think it could be possible to do the same thing with a cartridge in profile , I am still working on it

In the GIMP webpage they offer an experimental 64-bit version of the program that doesn’t work, crashing instantly. I am using Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bits with all the addings. I’ll say for the developers that their 64-bit version is in beta still and they warn that it could not work at all (they are right). Would have to settle for the 32-bit version.

Pivi–I did not know how to enlarge just the white background so I went to a GIMP help forum and was given the following answer.

click: image>canvas size and click the center button

you can then enlarge the canvas, add a layer and fill with white. note the original layer will have the original size. you can click: layer>layer to image size to make it the new size

Pivi–You mention about doing a cartridge profile. I have been working with Gimp for only about 1 month and I have been trying to find how to do that, So far I have not figured it out. If you find out how to do it, please post the instructions.

I am still working on it .I found that it is almost impossible ( as far as I know) to cut the cartridge profile out if the color of the background is too similar to the color of the case / bullet .

Anyway I found that is quite simple to cut the profile out if there is a clash between the background and the cartridge

This is my first attempt ( not finished yet , as you note the grey areas on the background) to cut out the cartridge profiles . I use the " magic wand" tool ( the fourth tool from the left in the first row). Simply click on the surface you want to erase .The tool will point out all the pixel with similar color .Then click on “cut” . It will take several passages to erase all the background , due the different color shades .You can calibrate the action of the tool ( more or less sensitive) .
Background of the picture was a white paper sheet

I am still learning anyway .Will ask some PC experts some GIMP tricks

Second attempt . Picture with a strong clash between background and cartridges . I erased the grey background in one step

I have just clicked on the background with the tool and then select “cut”