Civil War paper cartridge

Found this paper cartridge in a drawer in a gun shop I frequent. I believe it is American CW the bullet diameter measured including the waxed/greased paper is .545" appears to have 2 maybe 3 grease grooves(not clearly visible) the paper is tied at the nose of the projectile and at the base with a black thread/string. Base appears to be sealed with the same dark waxas the coating covering the projectile. Is this a carbine cartridge or a rifle cartridge? Who was the maker?

Here’s the closest I can find to yours based solely on the appearance. This is an 11mm French Chassepot needlefire. However, this one has the bullet tip exposed rather than having the paper being tied over the nose. In addition, i don’t think the base of the French cartridge has wax on the base. This cartridge is on page 228 in George Hoyem’s The History and Development of Small Arms Ammunition, volume 1, 2nd edition.

You’ll likely need to to take measurements if your cartridge is going to be positively identified.