Cladaloy Bullet Co

Anyone know the period of operation of the Cladaloy Bullet Co of North Hollywood Ca post WW-2. They were another company that operated out of a P O box like Western Tube and Copper Works. Can’t find any corporate papers or anything in the Los Angeles city directories.


Gourd - I don’t have a lot to tell on this company. A letter signed by a Mr. G. W. Kritzer, on Cladaloy Bullet Company letterhead, gives the full address as Box 119K, Simi, California, with the advice to send all mail to P. O. Box 643, North Hollywood, California.

There is a price list with that letter dated December 1, 1957, so they were in business for at least the 10 months between the date of the price list and the date of the letter.

The price lists tells the following about their bullets;

“The bullets priced below are the latest improvement in the machine cast alloy bullets we originated several years ago. They are casy of zinc base alloy and coated with a layer of copper. This light surface layer of copper is primarily functional in that it increases survace resistance to heat, alters the heat transfer pattern and in other ways generally improves bullet qualities.”

The passage “…we originated several years ago” soggests, but does not prove, that they were in business beginning about January 1955.

Information courtest of Geroge Kass

Hope this is of some interest and help to you.