Clandestine Cal 30 Box

Anyone have a photo of a box that the clandestine Cal 30 cartridges were packed in ? I’m curious to know how they were kept clandestine if they were boxed with a label for all to see?

Also, anyone have any of the AN or BN cartridges they’d like to trade or sell?


here you go.

As you might have tought, the sticker was put on later.
There are no markings at all on the box



Interesting. You would think that the box would have had some clandestine markings to match the clandestine headstamps.

No connection to Bay Of Pigs, as I’m sure you know. So maybe that’s a clandestine label after all. :) ;)


Ray: I believe the bandoleers that most of this ammo was packed in did bear a representation of the headstamp for identification. Have never knowingly seen the cardboard box. JG

Ray–I concur with J.Gill. I have a bandoleer that has stamped in black ink in two places on the outside “C/N/9/40/” in a headstamp like circle. The cardboard inserts for the clipped ammo just have “5 RD” embossed into the cardboard,


I got a chuckle from your comment. I suppose that “no label” would be the ultimate deception. You could be looking at a box of cartridges without knowing that you were actually looking at what you thought you were looking for.;) ;)

Of course, a good spy would know that the “no label” packaging was actually meant to decieve you into thinking you weren’t really looking at what you thought you were.

Now I have a headache.

I’ve been watching too many of the 007 movies on TV lately.