Clandestine Israeli 9mm Headstamp


Many, many years ago I bought a box of mixed surplus 9x19mm cartridges at a gun show. Most of the rounds were British WWII and Israeli with maybe an Egyptian round or two. At the time, I was a new cartridge collector and saved one of each headstamp from the box. Over the years, my interest in 9x19mm faded and all the specimens in the collection were traded off. One
round evaded all attempts to identify. The headstamp (if I recall correctly) was “11067” at 12 o’clock and “S” (not 5) at 6 o’clock. I am a little fuzzy on the “factory code” but am pretty sure that is what it is. The “S” is a definate.
The other unique feature was a shiny, nickel plated primer that was very rounded or dome shaped and uncrimped. I do not recall if there was a colored seal or not. The brass case and copper jacketed ball projectile were very similar to the British cartridges it was with. So, did I give away a rare million dollar cartridge, or it is just a common example from somewhere?



This is a clandestine Israeli headstamp made by IMI. There are two or three of them. I would guess that “67” is the year they were made, but not sure. There are a coupld that say “S” and then have another number, I forget if it is a one or a nine for the caliber, and then spurious dates of 44 and 49. Add ten years to the date in those cases and I think you have the right year of manufacture. Sorry I couldn’t look up the other headstamps - got to get out of here. On my way to the airport for SLICS.


Oh! AK, you could have retired years ago if you kept that cartridge!!!

Well, not quite, but it is a decent round. It is from a series of clandestine Israeli headstamps, not sure what the coding means but it does seem like a date code. I have “25064 S”, “11067 S”, “1 49 S”, “1 44 S”, “86065 S”. I’m sure Lew and John have others.


You guys are gonna make me miss my plane. Jon - I think you have all the ones known. Some are tracers, by the way. Most of the stuff that came in the US had no color tip markings evident - most of it had been cleaned. I was looking at one and caught, in the pores of the bullet jacket, little dots of the typical metallic red lacquer from an Israeli tracer. I forget if you can tell them apart weighing them or not - I pulled a couple, don’t recall which headstamp - and found ball and tracer. Can’t check anymore, because my tracers went with the wind, like all the rest of them. If someone reminds me when I get back, I will check my notes. Really got to run now!


Thanks guys. That would explain why this round was in with mixed Israeli headstamps. This ammo was probably range pickups at one time and repackaged here in the US.



Might have been a batch of Israeli surplus. Israel could easily have captured Egyptian and UK ammo, gotten legitimately or captured from Jordan or Egypt.