Classic Collector Cartridge References

For those of you looking for some of the classic collector cartridge references, Crittenden Schmitt Archives is selling a number of these on their eBay store (CSAEOD). These include:

“Rimfire Headstamp Guide” Series, Kass and Whiteley
“Small Arms Identification Codes” series, Gene Scranton
Buttweiler Auction Catalogs collection
“22 Boxes”, series, Hedlund and Kuntz
“The Cartridge Collector” Gun Report series collection by years
Cartridge Collecting auction catalogs, most sellers.
“The 22 Box” series, Association for the study and research of 22 rimfire cartridge
“Rimfire headstamp Identification” series, Irwin Baeder
“Collector Cartridge Prices” Gun Report series collection.
“The IAA on AMMO” Gun Report series

With more coming.