Cleaning kit ID

Hi all, can anyone help me with an id on this cleaning kit? I was told its for a BMG and I got it in South Africa.


The"Y" shaped nickel plated tool with the large hole in it is a British style shot gun extractor to remove a separated case, the notches near the hole fit the rim & then it;s turned around & the hook will grab the case mouth to get the paper body out of the chamber. Two to the right of it is a brass Parker Hale rifle jag.
Actually all but the “L” shaped tool with the three projections look to be for either a British rifle or a shotgun.

Perhaps some of these were adopted to a MG I don’t know but my 2¢ is not the whole set.

Thanks Pete, these 2 items came in the same box but we’re not rolled up in the kit.

The bottom black tool is a carbon scraper for a Mag58.
The cord is a universal pull thru for an FN Fal, Bren gun, enfield etc

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