The pictured 75MM blank shell is indicative of the lot. Corrosion has effected some of the printing. Would like to save what I can of that. All advice for cleaning these will be graciously accepted.


Rick, I may be off course here (sure I’ll find out if I am) but I would try some sugarless Cool-Aid and water with a piece of burlap… or maybe cola with burlap… on the inside and flush well. If that didn’t work, maybe some diluted vinager and brass wool? Whatever I did, I’d test on the inside.

In bootcamp they made us polish some 3" cases used on the quarterdeck and man that took forever… and made my arms sore too. Just thought I’d throw that historical tidbit in to tantilize all true collectors.

Since you seem to have several of these old junky things, send me one and I’ll clean it up for ya… promise to send it back (someday).


I am not an expert OK
I have tried this in the past and it worked.
Where the lettering is I have put toothpaste on a cotton swab and worked on that area gently until the corrosion was gone but not the lettering. And then in the heavier corrosion areas used a little more agressive cleaner.
Of course you have to use that old fashion toothpaste with pumice (I think thats whats in it) not that girlie gel stuff.