ClemSul charger set

In my search for every last type of tin-ware posing as a cartridge clip I bought this lot recently. I already had the ClemSul clip but the set provided a provenance for it.

The set comprised two bodies, one set of thin springs and one thicker, one instruction sheet and an envelope to hold it all. The thick set of springs could do service holding up the back axle of a tractor.

Happy collecting, Peter

These were made for civilian match shooters using either the 03 Springfield or the M1A (or NM M14) rifles in competition, I believe.

Some civilian bolt-action match rifles were also available with clip slots. I believe both the Remington 40X and Winchester Model 70 could be acquired that way.

Gezz Peter your killing me, dose that mean I now have to look for one of these sets! 8-o

ohhhh and bugger there are two versions of it.