Clip ID


Does anyone recognize this clip?
It was in some 7.9mm Mauser related material I aquired some time ago.
It was labeled “for 7.9mm Carcano conversion”.
I have never seen a clip for the 7.9mm Carcano conversions but this one doesn’t look like any Carcano clip I have seen.
The rounds in it are Czech 1940 sS (Vz.34) which doesn’t mean a thing.




Can you compare that clip to the clip from a M-95 (Austria-Hungerian) Manlicher?
They did convert some of the M-95’s (8x50R/8x56R) to 7.92x57, and that clip has the look of something that would work in a rifle that was origionaly designed for a rimmed cartridge.



The clip does resemble the M95 clip somewhat.
Major differences are:

  1. M95 has locking lug on rear of clip, none on the sides.
  2. The other clip has no lugs on the back, but has 3 lugs on each side.
  3. M95 has lips on top and bottom to hold the rounds in place.
  4. The other clip has lips on the top only, the bottom is cut square.

I don’t Know what it is. I hope someone out there does.

Thanks. pbutler


Moniter I was using earlier is fairly bad, so I couldn’t see the detail.
The bottom is open? With no way to retain the lower rounds outside of the rifle?


AFAIK the clip in question is indeed for the conversions of the Mannlicher. I asked this same question in the old forum and this is what I got.



Correct, The bottom is open.
I tried to put 8x56R Austrian M30 rounds in the clip but they won’t fit, Rim is to large.

I did some searching on the military arms websites. They say that when the
M95’s were converted to 7.9, the Mannlicher magazine system was done away with and the ability to use Mauser type clips was added. That would put another cloud over what this one is. Too bad it is totaly unmarked.



This “clip” is supposed to be permanently affixed to the inside of the magazine well on the Serbian M95 8mm conversion. The conversion then could use the standard 8mm strippers to load the rifle. The lips would spread
on the affixed metal “clip” or insert allowing the 8mm rounds to be held by it.
Sorta like loading a non-removeable clip with a removeable clip.
You can always tell the rifle is a Serbian conversion if there is not a clip drop-out hole on the bottom of the trigger guard. The M95 8x50R or 8x56R caliber rifles that used the Mannlicher clips always had the clip drop-out hole.
I have a Serbian converted rifle that needs one of these fixed internal clips.
Please let me know if I could purchase it to restore my rifle.


Correctly, it is the modification Insert in the Yugoslavian (NOT “Serbian”) M95M conversion of the M95 to use 7,9 ammo.
The Clip was permanently fixed into the magazine well, and, as noted, one could strip rounds out of a normal mauser type stripper into these inserted "mag ears’
very often found missing from M95M rifles in trade…effectively reducing the rifle to single shot ( extractors are usually missing/broken as well)

When the conversion was instituted (1924-30) “Serbia” was no longer an independant country ( as it is now or before WW I)…it was part of the Kingdom of the Serbs, Croats and Slovenes (or “South Slavs” – Commonly known as “Yugoslavia” from 1919 to 1990s (first a Kingdom, then a (Communist) Federated Republic. Now all independant countries again.

regards, Doc AV
AV Ballistics.



Well, that answers my question. It’s not a clip at all in the conventional sense. I wondered how the clip would be discarded with all the locking lugs and all. Thanks for the information.


Let me ponder for while if this fits in with my collection at all. If I decide it doesn’t, you have first dibs on it.