Clover hstp on Flobert

Do you know who is the customer of this hstp ?

Hi JP.
I don’t know who the 4 leaf clover was made for, but SFM made the 3 leaf clover headstamp for Frank Dyke, London.


Here is the three leaf clover from Frank Dyke.

I used to have a picture of a box with a 4 leaf clover on but lost in a pc crash years back. I do however have my notes which stated the tin was in English and said “Shamrock Brand” and made in Germany by Badische Munitionsfabrik, Durlach. I believe these were also made for Frank Dyke but no proof.

hello Curtiss

  1. 3 leaves clover was for Shamrock this is sure . .
    It was made by SFM (100 % sure)
    I have the drawing, the order, the label and so on

  2. Perhaps also made by Badishe Munitionfabrick, Durlach.
    This I don’t know.

  3. I doubt the 4 leaves clover is also for Shamrock


For what it’s worth, In R.W. Gracia’s book “The 22 Rimfire Cartridge” he list this headstamp as " Unidentified maker on 6mm Flobert caps packed for Frank Dyke & Co., London, England"


Jeanpierre I have no idea. Just saying the tin with the 4 leaves stated Shamrock Brand, made in Germany. Whether 4 leaf pic was an error on that box or both were made for Frank Dyke by two different suppliers one can not tell for sure. The 3 leaf for sure was made for Frank Dyke by Gevelot. I have several boxes in rimfire and in pinfire with Made in France and in English for F D & Co., London. Some of the rimfire boxes had 3 leaf shamrock headstamps and a few had a Raised G headstamp. There are several 3 leaf box pictures on the internet as well. The box pic I did have and my headstamp is all I have ever seen on the 4 leaf. Hopefully someone has another box…

Gevelot head stamped Shamrock cartridges.

Curtis, was it a green box with black print, can you remember?


Another Shamrock tin, square this time, cartridges are not head stamped.

I believe the above is a 9mm pinfire box. The one with the 4 leaf was similar to the pinfire being a light lime green color with darker/thicker black font text.

Silly question, maybe, but “Double Charge Shot Cartridges”?
A double charge of shot, but double what charge?

I have found for who is the 4 leaves clover Flobert.
It is for Louis Dieu Paris.

Thanks JP. I have amended my notes accordingly on this and the heart headstamp.

Badger Jack: DC or double charge means double charge of shot. SC is single charge of shot.

No such thing as a silly question. Just a question that you don’t know the answer to.


Well, yes, I got the DC means Double Charge, but Double compared to what size charge?
What IS a single charge?
How does one know what the charge volume- or weight- actually IS?
Did I miss something?
Or am I just confused again?

The shot size does matter in regards to DC or SC it just means twice as much & it has the appropriate powder charge to make it work.
The DC is on top here.

So, is the DC cartridge always larger than the SC cartridge?
That could be the source of my confusion, I thought all of the cartridges were the same,
except for the size of the shot charge…

Hi Badger Jack.

Sorry for my tardiness. Business got in the way of cartridging once again…

As Pete noted, the DC or Double Charge has a larger powder charge to push out the double amount of shot. As with normal sized shotshells, they used different sized shot in many of these too.