Cluster Bomb Discharge?

No one I’ve asked over the last decade has any clue as to what it is the closest I can figure is its a .38 special for a cluster bomb or some other munition?
So far no info
Anyone here have a clue ?
Its next to a 9mm incase anyone needs a reference
I can only upload 1 pic but its stamped WCC 09
Any help is greatly appreciated!

I apologize if this is posted in the wrong spot. Kinda new to this board thing…

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Is it possible to show a picture of the headstamp? But no cluster bomb discharge. In my opinion, this is just a dummy in .38 special.

Has powder in it you can hear it, the head stamp reads wcc09

Also I found it in a box of stuff my grandfather confiscated when he was a cop, tons of switchblades and bayonets and some dragons breath 12ga but none were any good. So far this is the only thing unidentified everyone that handles it says dummy, silver or a display then they shake it and say nope… 🤔

The fact you hear powder (or is it sand?) does not convince me. But let’s call in the specialists.

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Hmmmm never thought of it being sand.

I believe that cartridge is dated 1960 not 2009, & no explanation for the bullet plating. the case was typically plated but not the bullet. As a guess I go for a display of show dummy and it is an odd shaped bullet, profile looks to be a 200 grain loading, which known was a police (and commercial) load.

A friend thought they may have been plated, to keep from turning green in a belt.
And more Police had revolvers in the 60’s.

Makes sense! He was a cop from 1946 to 80 something… thanks !

Without certainty of the expert, two options remain: try to fire it or remove the bullet.
I’d prefer the second option, using a kinetic inertia-hammer.

These were made with un-plated brass cases & the same bullet shape as shown. If they were also offered with plated cases, I can’t say.
But usually when plating was done to keep the green-away it was only on the case. Plating the bullet might increase pressure.

An X-Ray of it might help. Also, at a SHOT show 10-15 years ago, there was a company that would sell silver or gold-plated bullets and cases. I don’t recall if he did chrome or not, but it shouldn’t have been too hard. Myself, I’d guess it’s a dummy and get it X-Rayed.