CMP .22 LR box

What is special about Federal manufactured ammo inside this box? Why “not to be resold”? Even guns released through CMP are transferred with an understanding that at some point the owner will not exist and those guns will end up in somebody else’s hands.



CMP offered this ammo at a deep discount for clubs & members “personal” use - not to be resold for a profit… especially during the huge .22 LR ammo shortage of a couple years ago. Nothing more or less…
PS: I bought several cases, the price was right and other ammo was scarce. It shoots well.


Pete pointed out to me (privately) that Vlad’s ammo box held 325 rounds, which is unique & odd. I know that I’ve purchased .22 ammo from CMP multiple times over the years, and couldn’t recall what quantity boxes it came in. Without digging too deep, I found two different lots of .22 LR ammo from CMP, one Federal (marked not for resale) and one Remington unmarked. I couldn’t find the oldest batch probably purchased in the early 1990s.

Best I can tell, mine both came ten (10) 50-rd boxes to a brick. I unpack the bricks to fit the most boxes in an .50-Cal ammo can.

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Mine is un-open and sounds like it contains loose ammo.


Your box was filled based upon weight, this eliminates having an employee load 50 round boxes by hand.


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