Cnn article

Interesting CNN news article. Note how one politician wants their to be a law banning the sale of any military item less than 50 years old.

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As usual, a few idiots in Congress are eager to seize the opportunity to be seen “doing something”.

Maybe hold televised hearings where they can all get free publicity (before the election…) and then pass a law making theft and sale of stolen property DOUBLE illegal?

Actually, I think they are just jealous of competition from someone else stealing.

So true John! Just crazy!


Government makes it, Government allows it to be stolen/misused, Government punishes whoever is more convenient to find. People who make it to the top are (with very few exceptions) the ones who are willing to back-stab, brown-nose, lie and cheat, so why would they change after achieving their dream? Homo Homini Lupus Est.