Coaxial Plasma Injector Primer - US 120MM M829A2 APFSDS-T


I came across this photo while researching one of my favorite 120MM APFSDS tank rounds. There was no information about the photo other then it was an experimentation of some type. I have never heard of this type of primer being used in any type of ammunition.


PHOTO OF TWO VERSIONS OF THE M829A2 120MM APFSDS-T Tank Round. I know that currently manufactured M829A2 are fitted with the M129 primer so I am assuming this never went anywhere?


Brief discussion here:


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Just read the entire document and found it fascinating! It always amazes me how much science and research goes into ammunition development and advancement.



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APFSDS: I ran the government testing of the ETC ignition at Aberdeen Test Center (ATC). A little history - the program started out being a research effort to develop low volatile propellant and a means to ignite it so that it would achieve the same interior ballistics as the current high volatile propellant. The government spends a fortune storing, shipping and protecting current tank ammunition because it is so highly volatile. I retired in 2012 and for probably 3 years prior had heard nothing from the propellant development. Can’t remember if the last firings I did used the compact PPS shown in the article. Most of the firings I did utilized an experimental 105mm gun designed to marry to an autoloader. I did fire some of the 120mm, M829A2 slug, base pad rounds from the 120mm, XM360 light weight gun. As the article shows ignition times were amazingly tight. That of course equates to consistent chamber pressures and muzzle velocities thus increased accuracy. I cant remember if we temp. conditioned any rounds to test the theory that the voltage input to the round could be adjusted so that for instance a round at -25deg F would have the same interior ballistics as a round +145 F. The problems were the size of the PPS, meeting the charge/discharge time of 5sec., safety, the interface between the firing line from the PPS through the breech block to the base of the round, and determining the amount of voltage to be sent to the round depending on round temp. From the article it sounds like some of the hurtles have been crossed. As of my retirement I had heard nothing about integrating ETC into the M1A2 tank.


That is really great, first hand background information, Rookie! Thank you big time. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall watching those tests. Too cool!



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I bet! Still, I am just amazed at how much science and study goes into ammunition developments. Beyond fascinating, especially concerning my favorite area of study, large bore, tank fired, DS ammunition. Can’t thank you enough for sharing your insight and 1st hand experiences with me on this subject.



Pic of the plasma injector pad.