Coeur d'Alene Cartridge Show


I was fortunate to attend the Coeur d’Alene show on 12-13 Sep. It’s a nice show held at the Kootenai Fairgrounds.

The show is put on by Gary Roedl and this year there were approximately 30 tables.

The first two pics are around lunch time

Rick Montgomery from Montana had a nice bunch of cartridges and books (He had the pre-NATO FA 45 I have been looking for).

Larry Dunn and his wife came up from Utah with cartridge posters and .22 Boxes

Ralph Rake (L) and Rich Raines (R) both from Washington pose behind my poor photo of his (Rich’s) excellent display

John Kunz from Montana is looking pleased.

I would be too if I had a Treeby Chain Gun! John says its not for sale. That’s okay as I had never heard of it before.

Tom Quigley, the philosopher of the show had this to say: “You can’t leave if you still have money.”

All said it was a good show for me as I picked up a few needed items such as a .40 Ground spike, Dela Enterprise 9mm and .45 ACP flares, 5.56mm flechettes, and a couple boxes of CCI .45 ACP experimental shot ctgs.

Spokane and Coeur d’Alene are beautiful this time of year and this show is a good reason to make the trip.

Thanks for posting pictures and making me want to go to US shows even more… :-)


Great show. This was the first cartridge show I have attended. Picked up some great 45 cartridges. Well worth the drive from Seattle. Wish I had bought the rest of the 45 collection that the person along the wall had. The 4 boxes that i did pickup had some headstamps I had not previously seen. My six year old has recently started shooting his Crickett - so he was excited with all the different 22s that we picked up. Starting his collection early :D . Best of all, I dragged my wife along and she realized that I’m not the only one with piles of old ammo :) .

This show is in a perfect area too. We spent the weekend on the beach and in the mountains. Great weather too.

Sounds like a good show, but could someone explain what a .40 Ground Spike is and maybe an image?

The .40 Ground Spike was a British military booby-trap device. It was shown & described in brief by Dwight Jackson on page 38 of IAA journal 487 (Sep / Oct 2012):

40 ground spike_zpsvk6qwfkv

These fitted into a spring-driven anti-personal devise about 6" long & weighing about 4 oz. which was buried in the earth (it had a large washer fitted to the exterior to prevent it from being buried too deep) and then camouflaged. The projectile was then point-up. When stepped on it fired the cartridge driving the bullet into the foot. OUCH, big time, but I guess better than dead? It was also said to be known as “The Castrator” by the troops in North Africa

The original cartridge was an altered .351 Winchester S.L. rifle & the last were made were without any markings, including those on the primer.

The wood bulleted example, aka “so-called blank”, that Dwight shows was apparently also used in the devise as a live round, although I can’t determine if it was also used as Dwight notes, which does make more sense.