Coffee ammo, finally


That is just SUPER Vlad, very neat!

That is AWESOME! Now that is ammo that even my wife could get into. LoL! She is a coffee nut.

Just great!
I wonder how “black rifle” and “AK47” do go together.

I imagine already the outrage if someone would offer coffee this way in doogoder’s Europe!

Seems a bit of a confused brand,black rifle being the M16 and the AK being the dreaded enemy.
Wonder what it tastes like ,‘bitter memories of defeat,with hints of toast’?

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We sell 6 or 7 different varieties of their coffee in the shop I work in. Excellent coffee, and an excellent company. My favorite flavor is “SS”, for Silencer Smooth.

Any decaf :-)

Jon, naughty you! :-)

Hah!!! You obviously haven’t watched their Youtube adverts!

Alex, what can I say…I didn’t name the coffee.

I guess not. Johny C , Just a question I drink decaf and did not see the link.
Looked up the links below so we can educated the readers.

If you get to know the company, you will see that none of them are into decaf. I asked that question at the shop and everyone laughed at me. If they do make it, it’s not that popular. I think they are planning to open up 2000 coffee shops in the next year or two. Goodbye Starbucks!

The name of the company and how it came about was covered in a recent issue of firearm news. The principle was exSF/operator who was training some CIA shooters when the idea hit him. His wife had a coffee shop, and he always ground his own coffee beans before making a pot. He established the company about 5 years ago and sells on line as well as some brick&morter locations. Pretty interesting.