Cogswell & Harrison 475 Nitro


I recently re-discovered a bag full or cartridges I purchased at SLICS way back in 1999. Closer inspection of a severely corroded 450 Nitro revealed that it was, in fact, a 475.

I can’t get the headstamp to show up in a photo, and I don’t want to steal pictures from another website, but if you look at, it is the first headstamp shown, and the projectile is the one at the far left in the bottom photo.

I’m curious who actually manufactured the round, and about the bullet – which seems to be a departure from what one normally finds in British nitro express cartridges.

Incidentally, the bullet pulled right out due to a cracked neck, and it was loaded with ribbon-like cordite (axite?).

Any insight would be appreciated.


The “E” after the 475 notes Eley as the case maker for C&H.

That bullet is commonly found with this headstamp, & sorry but I can’t tell you more than that about it. Does it have any base mark?

Ribbon-like Cordite is Cordite, as Cordite is extruded in strands & Axite is chopped Cordite.


Thank you, sir. I thought the E might be Eley, but I also thought it could just be Express. Also, thanks for the correction on Axite.

There is no mark on the bullet’s [concave] base.