Coiled brass CF 1

This kind of rounds is interesting also.

43 Egyptian Remington (11 x 50 R)
Brass coiled case, steel base, no hstp

11.5 x 50.7 Albini
Brass coiled, brass base, hstp: B raised

PM : I think you already have them Cyber ??

Definitely have the Egyptian, pretty sure I have the Albini. But, there are so many variations of those, I will have to check.

Keep the coiled stuff coming-one of my favorite types. How about some Schneider , Daw etc. ?

Lol !!
Let’start by more common staff. (Anyway it looks to interest nobody except you and Cyber!)
Here are some 577-450 MH

From left to right :
The 5 first have brass base, the two last ones brass base

Some questions :

  1. Why N

JP - thanks, I would like to get it from you. I can’t get to my MH stuff at the moment but I’m pretty sure I don’t have that case variation.

Meanwhile, here is one of my “crown jewels”, a .577 Daw. This is the patent specimen shown in Hoyem’s Vol. 2 book.

Does anyone have DAW cartridges which are NOT in near junk condition ?

The .450 I have is pretty eaten up. However, here is the .500 I have, which is in good shape all things considered:

Unfortunately I don’t have a loaded .577.

May you expand upon the subject of your photo of .577 Daw? Why is there a piece of metal next to it? I know zilch about it so any info you provide helps. Thanks.

The pieces of metal are samples of the foil before rolling. There are three, two of which have the line of solder running along the side that you see to the very left.

I’ll scan them and the tags that came with it and post them tomorrow.