Coiled case ammunition

Some may remember my article in the JOURNAL some years ago about coiled case ammo and how they seem to last forever. There were coiled Burnsides during the U.S. Mr. Lincoln’s war and may have been other earlier ones. I like them and have never seen one go bad. During WW2 Germany made some huge ones including some long AA gun beauties in the 150mm range, I think. There were a pair of these in the Aberdeen PG display years back as well as a Japanese 75mm coiled Howitzer case WW2. These two are really rare items.

Here is my newest one.


Thin lac. steel case with heavy phosphated steel base.

Headstamp is hard to read but says: 76mm ARMD C(?) RW 175

Anyone want to guess what beast eats this treat ?

Looks like a British case fro the L5 and L23 guns (FV 101 Scorpion and Saladin light tanks).

Here they are:

You may like the 50x330 Rh 503 case as well then, developed in the early 1990’s.

Do you think that the headstamp means “armored car” ? ARMD C .

Good question. We should consult some Brits maybe.

The “ARMD” certainly means “Armoured” and the “C” probably means “Car”, but I have never seen the latter in print. They are normally referred to simply by the nomenclature, L23A1 etc.

I am sure that case is not British made, I have only ever seen drawn brass cases in British sevice. Although the 76mm gun is no longer in UK service, it continues in about 15 other countries, so any one of those could be the manufacturer.


This may be a 1982 pilot lot. I have not researched the maker yet.