Cointreau 16ga shell

A user on Facebook posted this image to our page there wanting to know what it was. Has anyone ever seen this? It says Cointreau Liqueur on it, and shows a confusing image of what looks like a toddler holding a liqueur bottle:


Cointreau is a French brand of Triple Sec liqueur and the character is dressed in a jester-like outfit (edited to add: Pierrot Clown?). I don’t think it is supposed to be a baby. Would guess it is a product promotional item and kind of neat as I doubt there many folks advertising alcoholic beverages on ammunition in this day and age…

Any idea what the headstamp is?


Here it is.

This is a 16 Ga.

Mine has no liqueur in it but dices.
I have no idea if they supposed to be there or if somebody drank the Cointreau and then put in the dices.

The name on the bottom is Berthollet & Cie Casablanca

many regards rené

Thanks. Yes, the person who asked confirmed it is 16ga, and has the same headstamp as yours. I will pass along the info.

This kind of "alcoholic "advertising was popular during the 20/30ies in France and its former Colonial Empire… like here in Casablanca, Morocco, then a French protectorate…

The “Pierrot” was widely used as a regular advertising symbol for the Cointreau Liquor in newspapers, magazines and any kind of support.

It’s still in existence by the way, and -my personal advice- excellent!.. something more like the “Yukon Jake” than the common “Triple Sec”…

About shotshells, I would not dare to give any comment about the shooting results… and it’s useless to say that, to day,it should be considered as strictly unlawful and entirely politically incorrect !!!


politically incorrect !!! Ha! we collect bullets to some that is politically incorrect !!!

Another somewhat in the same vein, but of clear plastic with a screw-off head.

HIC !!!