Collath Round


I got this case today in a bag of odd rounds, and I would like to know the calibre.


It is a brass rimmed case with brass cup Berdan primer, and a slight bottleneck.

Measurments are:
Mouth Dia.: About 9mm (0.37").
Case length: 64.25mm (2.526").
Base dia.: Just under 13mm (about 0.51").
Rim thickness: 1.2mm (0.05").

Any info would be helpful.


Your Collath round was made for G.Teschner and Co. (which explains rhe Tesco) who were formerly Wilhelm Collath & Son of Frankfurt. The ammo was probably made for them by DWM. Not being very sporting ammo inclined, I am not sure what calibre it is but probably something for a Drilling rifle, sounds like a 9 x 64.



Cheers Tony, I didn’t think it would be Tesco Supermarkets (anyone on the other side of the Atlantic, don’t worry if you don’t know what I’m on about).

From looking on the internet, I think that this is a 9.3x65R Collath, as the neck is a bit dented, so could quite easily be 9.3mm. The case is a bit short though.

Can anyone else shed any light on the proper name of this round?


Hi Falcon,

Refering to the mentioned measurments I am for 99% sure it must be a 9,3 x 65R Collath.
(Additional: In an older pricelist the mentioned headstamp is connected with the 9,3 x 65R Collath.)