Collectable airgun pellets


Are there any specialist dealers out there that sell collectable airgun pellets and their packaging?

Or any dedicated websites for the pellet collector?


Those sorts of things come up for sale sometimes on GB and AA: (no that’s not me bidding on them) - not much time left on the auction though. I have no idea what the value of these things is.


Here some pellet boxes had been auctioned … &lang=engl


[quote=“Pivi”]Here some pellet boxes had been auctioned … &lang=engl[/quote]

Nice auction, but I could not see pellet boxes?


I’m registered with GB, AA and eBan and have looked through what’s listed.
Still hoping to find some specialist dealers.

I’ve also just found a pellet collectors forum,
There must be others out there.


Yes , sorry , in the last auction were not auctioned pellet boxes .Anyway some old and nice pellet boxes were auctioned in the past .Take a look when they will post the new lots