Collectible Ammunition Display & Sales As Part of A Militaria Display At A Winter Festival In Japan (February, 2020)

Quote (Google Translation):

“Danya Dankichi Shoten will be exhibiting at 2/9 One Festival. The booth is a product sales corner in the corporate hall 1-06 military area. We will exhibit and sell real shells and ammunition (legal safety items). We also look forward to your visit with a large selection of military equipment and bargain items. Thanking you in advance.”

Quote (Google translation):
"It was late, but the first day of the V show! It is being deployed like this. It will be deployed like this tomorrow. Thanking you in advance. Bargain shop


So after all there are ammunition researchers/collectors in Japan?


Certainly appears so.



And this brings me to the old question as for why we have no Japanese members here?

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And the new question…What’s in those glass cases???

It looks Brian found where some of those repro packets are going.


More photos from 弾屋弾吉店@panzergranat Twitter showing some of the contents of the display cases setup at various shows.


I’m going to have to ask the painful question - I’m guessing these are all inert and that projectiles are subject to licensing?




I suspect you are correct in your guess with one note, on Twitter they mention finding and purchasing artillery shells and cases at antique stores and junk shops in Japan. So what that means as far as regulations go I don’t know.

Here is an example:

Quote (Google translation): “Get a 47mm ammunition cylinder for catching the Russo-Japanese War at a nearby antique shop. A rare pod! A beautiful gem that safely handles unused items such as bullets and cartridges. The internal parts of the implantable fuze were quite well prepared. Is it a teaching material?”



Looks like some interesting stuff in those cases & up-right

Indeed a rare 47mm, have not seen this one before!

There are certainly ammunition researchers and collectors in Japan. Over the years I have seen many inert examples of small arms ammunition and larger ordnance, and some Japanese research publications offered for sale on yahoo auctions. I have also seen shell cases and ceramic grenades at flea markets and junk shops in Tokyo, Nagasaki and Kyoto, and inert dummy rounds in military surplus shops. It has been several years since I purchased any inert rounds or cases from Japan, so I don’t know if shipping them has become an issue or not.


I believe everything shown in the photos that bdgreen shared are inert, but I don’t think projectiles are licensed, they are openly sold in auction and in flea markets.

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Here are a selection of current auctions in Japan. I find it best to search in Japanese (you can use an online translator) and you will need one of the auction services to purchase and ship items for you.


I see there is some interesting items in Japan and also people who care for this.
Too bad none of them are here!

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I would like to buy those four cartridge books shown here. Does anyone have a Japanese contact that might be willing to help me with that?

Wow, I did not think Japan allowed ammunition collecting.,
Impressive displays ,
Thanks for sharing

A friend of mine (retailer, importer, well versed on firearms issues…) mentioned to me that Japanese are very interested in military collectables.
He told me of a Japanese tourist that bought a lot of those little OD coloured metal cans of Corrosive Bore cleaner to take home.

I hope none leaked in his luggage. That stuff stinks like hell!

Posted these tins on another post where I’ll delete now that they are here.
note one of these in the above photo. Here are two empty primer tin examples. About the only difference I can see between these two (besides the color) is the character below the 2nd 0 in the 1000.
They are about 3.5" in diameter.