Collectible Ammunition Display & Sales As Part of A Militaria Display At A Winter Festival In Japan (February, 2020)

I have noticed before that it is rare to see posts by Japanese users anywhere on the English language parts of the internet.

I have seen the same observation made on vehicle related websites.

Perhaps the language issue is the problem. A very quick google search suggests that only 30% of Japanese speak English at any level. Possibly as few as 2% are thought to speak it fluently.

Yes, I had thought of this too but we have users here from other countries too which are not knwo to be big users of English.
So it brings me to the question why we have so few people here from Asia and Africa and the Arab region (other than few guys from South Africa).
There must be folks looking into ammo too and I assume we are missing a lot as people there often see stuff which is not around in “the west”, let alone what they may know about their own ammo and could share here.
So who evwer is reading this in these regions, do not hesitate to register on the forum and take part in conversations, you are most welcome. No matter how good your English is.

I have reached out to a Japanese customer who is more into uniforms than ammunition, and told him about this thread and asked if he could find out contact info for the collector in the original post, and/or invite his attention to this thread. However, that may take a while due to covid restrictions, and may or may not be successful.

Thank’s for your help. I posted a similar request on Gunboards and only got replys from others who wanted to buy the books.

I’d sent these links to Teri Bryant. She is a retired university professor, gun collector (, speaks Japanese and is a cartridge collector. She also travels to Japan regularly.

She has volume 1 of these books but was unaware of the other 3. I’ll ask Teri to see if she can get contact info for those who want these books.

She notes that there is likely a strong demand for the repro boxes (as well as repro uniforms and firearms) as there are re-enactors who would want such boxes for ammo pouches, etc.


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Here is another “booklet”

Google translation: “Since it was sold out, we re-exhibited 3 copies. If you don’t mind, please have a look.”

Google translation: “I will post it here as well, but since it was sold out, I re-exhibited 3 copies. If you don’t mind, please have a look.”

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I remember reading before that owning even spent cartridge cases was forbidden in Japan.

From these photos that is obviously not true.

I believe that the last publication shown is either Chinese, or Japanese written about Chinese ammunition. The cartridges shown in the picture are Chinese types.

John Moss