Collectible Portuguese stuff

Hello everyone. Portuguese as I am, I 'm interested in collecting Portuguese stuff. So I come to ask if anyone has anything like ( empty boxes , stamps , papers , packing paper , etc. ) related to Portuguese manufacturing , particularly by the factories as Royal Arsenal Army - Real Arsenal do Exército ; chelas gunpowder factory - Fábrica de pólvora de Chelas; weapons factory - Fábrica de Armas; Officina Pyrotechnica and Barcarena gunpowder factory - Fábrica de pólvora de Barcarena ) please contact me.
Thank you all

It seems the Portuguese stuff is hard to find. I’m looking for an ammo pouch to display with my 1886 Kropatschek.

If you find that gold mine of Portuguese stuff, let us all know! :)

Thank glassparman ! The material exists but is hard to find :) . I’m counting on help from iaaforum members! There is a old topic in this forum , where a member had this material , so as we say, " hope is the last to die " .

I will vouch for Nuno, he is good person to deal with.


Thanks for the trust Joe :) cheers