Collecting 30mm cannon ammunition

I have posted a new article on my website to add to my series on collecting cannon cartridges, here:

An excellent piece, very helpful in sorting out all of these. (I have a box full of that sort of stuff I had been dreading trying to ID. Now it will be pretty easy.)

Tony does really great work, and I highly recommend his books, as well as his excellent website—all of it.

Awesome Tony! Thanks! I just ID most of my 30’s!


Hi Tony,
Great work you have done. It must have been a hell of a job !

You mentioned the 30x120RB for the front-loading T168 revolver.
Very strange weapon with its reverse tapered ammunition.
Actualy there were 2 different cases. In 1952 the Cartridge Practice 30mm T224 was made by Frankford Arsenal. This cartridge had a 120mm case length. Later Winchester took over manufacture. In 1954 when the projectile was made shorter the case became 136mm length.
This is the Cartridge Ball 30mm T268. Most cases were made of brass but also 94 were made of aluminum.