Collecting Conifer Cones

Ron, send me you mailing address, I have some cones for you and plan to get more.



Everybody–I just got an answer from the U.S. Customs about importing cones from outside the U.S… They said: [color=#FF0000]"As long as the conifer cones are not from India they should be alright (India has special requirements) to enter the United States without a permit "[/color]

The Customs Declaration should state “Cones for Scientific Study”

So, all of you people from outside the U.S. that want to help me out, send me an email.

Ron: I have sitka spruce and Hemlock pine if you would like those two. Vic

I think that the “sun umbrella pine” should be the Pinus pinaster, commonly known in Italy as “pino marittimo”