Collecting Empty Cases


I am a new member, 3 weeks, and have a question about collecting. I have been reloading for 20+ years and have always saved one of every different case I found. Now I find out about this club, and see that everyone collects the entire cartridge. I have started buying 223 cartridges online. However, what can I do with the empties. Would loading a std ball projectile be wrong? Is that considered counterfeit? I am fine with starting fresh, its just a shame I have all these cases, some from 60, 70, 80’s.


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Collecting is a personal thing. Some collect only live, original rounds whilst some only collect inert rounds. Some collect any example of a particular round that they need in their collection, whether it be live, fired etc. Others collect anything (and everything) they can get their hands on! Some of these decisions are mandated by the laws in your particular location.

There is nothing wrong with loading an empty case but you need to ensure that people know they are not original. This is especially important if your collection survives you and your family are looking to sell it.

Just my thoughts…

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The easiest way to do that is load a bullet with no powder or primer, mark it as a hand-loaded dummy round.