Collecting in Uruguay and Argentina

Chris Punnett and I are in Mondevideo about to leave for Buenos Aires. We spent a couple of days in Buenos Aires before coming over to Uruguay. The Argentine Association is very impressive-more later on that.

Here in Uruguay we have been visiting collectiors and seen some incredible cartridges. Chris has lots of photos and they will eventually appear in the Journal, but just a preview here.

It is hard to pick the most impressive cartridge I have seen, but ranking right up there is a coil case 44 Henry made in Brazil. Was also surprised to see the current 5.56x45mm & 7.62x51mm headstamps being used by the Brazilian military “PPU 5.56 L01-11 UY” and “CBC 7.62 L01-10 UY” These are from memory and I will correct them if different from my notes.

More later-got a plane to catch.



Chris and Lew

Hope you have a save trip and take nice pict’s from cartridges
Look forward to see them…

take care…


The 44 Henry mentioned above was the a centerfire. Brazil converted their Winchester M1866 rifles to centerfire and produced this cartridge, reportedly before Winchester introduced the centerfire 44 Henry. Brazil also convered some Spencer rifles to centerfire and they also produced a coil case CF version of the Spencer cartridge. Chris also has some photos of these cartridges which will appear in the Journal.



Will you visit the AACAM at Mejico street?
This is an impresive collection too.