Collection found in closet


Hello all,

New guy to these forums, although I will name drop and let you know my Dad is friends with Mr. John L. Moss a person of most distinguished knowledge and reputation.

I had started this collection at the ripe old age of 9 and had forgotten where it was until I was going through the closet today. I am very curious about many of the cartridges I have.

While some are very common and not exciting I do have some that I feel are just the opposite. Any information or advice on any of them will be very appreciated. As well if you would like to have a better individual picture or two please don’t hesitate to ask.

Thank you in advance,
Dave Edmonds
Woodland Ca.


Hi, Dave…

The two tinned case cartridges, upper left, are .30-40 Krag, the upper one is a ball round, the lower one is a Model 1896 Paper Bullet Blank, both made at Frankford Arsenal, Philadelphia, PA.

Would it be possible to know the headstamps ??..They should be composed of an F, and below that, on the left, a number for the month, and on the right, a number for the year…

Welcome to the Forum !!..



Hi Randy,

Thanks for the info. I just checked and the following were the head stamps:

F 97 S on the cartridge with the metal projectile. ( S maybe a five? )

On the Paper blank there is no head stamp it is blank


Hi Dave,

Saw your posting and phoned your dad to verify that THE Dave Edmonds lived in Woodland. Glad to see your name here. I’ll let the other guys answer your question - am sure you know what most of those rounds are anyway, probably as many as I do. Just want to say hello. Hope if you think of any more questions, you’ll come on the Forum again. Great to see your name. Been a long time since I have seen you.

My best to you and all. I understand your sister now lives pretty close to you to. My son lives up the road a piece in Roseville, and works out of the North Sac CHP Station. He will retire in just a few morre years. Time flys by.

My best to you.



Great to hear from you, I found the forum today and noticed your name pretty much every where and after consulting with my Dad confirmed it was the “John Moss” I thought it was. Time does fly by indeed. I remember vividly my favorite gun store and the copius amount of knowledge and expertise that you have.

Please give my best to both your Wife and Son. It’s been too long.

Best Regards,



Dave - a lot of whatever knowledge I may have came from my customers at the store, or from finding answers to their questions. Much of my gun knowledge, of course, came from your Dad, and when I first became Manager there, he was my tutor and mentor, telling me what makes a manager a flop or a success, and giving me constant advice, sought out by me, to help me in my job. It was great having this source outside of the store to keep me out of trouble! Frankly, in many ways, he remains in the same role just is matters of life, for me. You are part of a great family, and it has been my privilege to know all of you.