Collection of inerted .45 acp

Numbered Left to Right (1-9)

Nos: 1 , 2, 5, 6 headstamp: W.R.A. CO .45 A.C. (Winchester Repeating Arms Co., New Haven, Conn).
Some headstamp differences. Nos: 2, 5 have different Winchester primer stamps.

No: 3, headstamp: PETERS .45 A.C (Peters Cartridge Company, Cincinnati, OH).

No: 4, headstamp: EC 42 (Evansville Ordnance Plant (Chrysler), Evansville, OH). 1942

No: 7, headstamp: FA 10 12 (Frankford Arsenal, Philadelphia, PA). 1912

No: 8, headstamp: WESTERN .45 AUTO (Western Cartridge Co., de East Alton, IL).

No: 9, headstamp: W-W .45 AUTO (Winchester-Western (Olin), East Alton, IL).
SALVO Squeeze Bore (SSB)

The Evansville and FA were easy to date.
All have had the projectile removed, at some point, for deactivation and consequently; the overall length might not be correct.
Would appreciate if anyone could assist with (approximate) dating of the others.

Any thoughts or comments?


Edit made (05/06/19) to correct address for W.R.A. Co to: New Haven, Conn. (many thanks for private communication).

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Number 2 is loaded with the 200 gr. bullet, evidenced by the high case body crimp; no. 1 and 3-8 all seem to have the standard 230 gr. bullet. I can’t date closer than before or after the world wars. Jack

No: 4, headstamp: EC 42 (Evansville Ordnance Plant (Chrysler), Evansville, OH). 1942

Believe that the case is made from zinc plated steel (Ref: Munición). Where the zinc plating has been lost, the case is showing signs of rust.

Other than treating with oil, or wax, are there any other recommendations for remedial action?