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Where’s the Cal .30 National Match, and the wildcats???

Do you ever find yourself just sitting in that room and contemplating your navel??? To the point where your bride begins to think you are losing touch with reality.

Nice. Is building #2 under construction yet?



Rick, could I live in your basement?


Two days now. Didn’t know I was mingling in a herd of chickens. Cracked corn, anyone? (Pepper’s exempted)

And I’ve added a number of items since these pics were taken. But I ain’t posting them.


OK Rick, here are a few random ones from my collection.


I’d post pictures of my stuff too but all that you’d see would be photos of drawers, boxes, etc. I can’t afford to have my own seperate, detached, ammo storage building like some of us can. I’m on a fixed income and can barely feed and clothe the kids.



Hey Fred

Not to worry. The ONE WHO WON is gonna take care of all that for you. I think a shed in every yard is part of the stimulus package.


Hey Rick,

At some point I promise to get my bigger stuff out for a photo shoot.



Ok, I’ll add a little of my stuff to this.



At different times, I have had 3 different Michigan State Troopers and 2 County Sheriffs in my basement and they all thought it was so cool. One of the sheriffs said he wished he could have a man cave like mine.


Hmmmm. If I subscribed to the Freudian theory of psychoanalysis, I’d say there is a whole lot of compensation occurring in the above collections. :-P But who believes that Freudian hogwash anyway? :-)

OK, I am a new collector, and I collect mainly small caliber ammunition, roughly .50 BMG and smaller, and I specialize in .38 Spl and .357 Magnum. The below is a really bad cell-phone photo (my digital camera died) of my collection as of tonight. Before tonight my collection had been stored in my sock drawer (I’m serious!), but My Boss, AKA ‘SWMBO’, AKA my loving wife, graciously allowed me to purchase this toolbox which was discontinued and on sale. The new storage facilities will allow more ambitious collecting as well as keep lead corrosion off my boxer shorts.

The square tin (top right) are my uncatalogged/unidentifieds. The rest have each been described (to some degree) and placed in a numbered slot, using my admittedly simple system. I have about one-third this many cartridges in another drawer (not pictured) which are my dupes.


Hmmmm…this turned out to be much more difficult than I thought but here goes anyway.
I only collect military ammo and I don’t go as large as .50 Browning but anything from anywhere in the world is collectable to me.
I collect live ammo so to comply with the UK’s laws I keep my collection of about 3000 rounds in a purpose-built steel cabinet which has to be bolted to a structural wall in the house.
I’ve got twenty five drawers arranged by calibre starting at the top with the smallest calibres and working down to the larger rounds at the bottom of the cabinet. Each calibre is then sub-divided into countries and then further divided into load types (ball, tracer, etc). The rounds are laid out on corrugated cardboard (and I’ve never had a problem with it reacting with the cartridges at all) and then under each and every cartridge is a slip of paper with the cartridge designation printed on it. If I take any rounds out of the drawers to photograph or whatever the piece of paper clearly shows where they go back to afterwards. Just rereading what I’ve written makes me realise what an organisational freak I am but I really enjoy researching, cataloging and presenting my collection.

My collection, of which I’m very proud…


NOW we’re gettin’ somewhere.

Cartguy - Niiiiice. Gave me some ideas.

Rich - Excellent start. My Craftsman tool box has been “recycled” in the same fashion. As for the “lead corrosion” on your boxer shorts, well, ummm, ahhhh, yea, good story.

Jim - Wish I was 1/10 as organized. Does having it all under one roof count?

Anxious to see some more.



My own collection used to be highly organized with every round dutifully catalogued. Do that count? I haven’t catalogued a cartridge in the last four years now. They are all upside-down in my collection (or in case of full drawers, it is more accurate to day “on” my collection. A real mess!

No matter how big your space (my hobby room is about 16 x 25 feet due to an add-on to our house) and I used to have a coffee table, couch, stuffed chair etc. in it and it still was neat and spacious. Now I am down to three folding chairs and the fact I am a fat man makes it hard to move around in some parts of the room. You NEVER have enough room.

John Moss


You guys are too neat (except John). Here are the 4 corners of my bat cave. This is my day-to-day working stuff. Everything else is in the garage in boxes and drawers. Photos of that would be even more boring than these. Plus, Photobucket is working especially slow today and it would take me all day to post any more than these four.

Jim, did I spy a couple of wildcats in drawer #5 ???





No way Ray! Definitely no wildcats. I collect pure-bred military stock only.


Ray, Jim has a medical condition known as Wildcatus Phobus, there is no known cure ;)



I suppose I’ll simply have to start sending him packages of wildcats. If I mix in a single 7.92x57 he’ll have to sort thru them to find it. After handling the wildcats he’ll catch the disease too.

Or, I can send some wildcats to his bride and ask her to distribute them amongst his collection. Yes, that’s a much better idea.



Here are some parts of my collection. In my country one can collect only deactivated ammunitions, and it is forbidden to keep AP, tracer, incendiary, etc. bullets. In Hungary the judgement of cartridge collecting is bad, even beside these rigorous rules. Even a fired case can scare most of the people. Silliness is unlimited.