Collection pictures

Put here your collection pics.

Some pics from my collection room:

Good collection! Could you please say what kind of cartridges are on … rgeeq5.jpg on bottom line two small red cartridges (number 8 and 9 from the left side)? Just interesting.

.22/.30 sabots

A couple of photos of the bigger items in my collection: the rifle and pistol rounds are all in drawers.

Most of these are shown in close-up in the Ammo Photo Gallery on my website. Basic measurement and ballistic data for cartridges 12.7-120mm are also included in my Ammo Data Tables.

Nice Pix Tony. What kind of cabinets are those ?

The shelves are just rather crude ones which I knocked up myself.

The smaller ammo is in a lockable steel cabinet with 15 shallow drawers, each A3 paper size.

My collection in December 2004. All I owned at the time is in the photo apart from a 40x364R Bofors case (Lying down on the shelf next to the rounds in the photo). All of these came mostly from car boot sales.

They are: Back row, from left to right: 27 x 145B Mauser BK27 (replica resin projectile), 20 x 110 Hispano (x2), 37x101 SR Sockelflak, .50 BMG, .303 British (x4), 7mm-08 Remington empty case (odd round, British Military 7.62 brass necked down to 7mm, Found on a keychain), 7.62 NATO (x2), 5.56 NATO, .303 Fired Blank, .30-06 Fired Case. Middle row (Pistol rounds on right): .38 Special (x2), .45 ACP, 9mm Luger (x2), Fired .380 Starting pistol blank. Front row: 12 Gauge fired shotshell (x3), .410 Short fired shotshell, Belt of 5x 7.62 Fired blanks, .22LR empty cases (x16).

Looking at my collection now, it spans 2 1x1x4 foot shelves, 3 wall display shelves (the kind used for thimbles etc., 1 set of metal A4 filing drawers (empty cases etc). and 3 ammo cans (1x .50 Cal, 1x.303 cal) (duplicated shotshell hulls etc.). The best of my collection can be seen online at the link below. Just shows you how a collection can grow (much to the annoyance of my parents).

This is my collection. Only one cartridge per caliber is displayed in the cabinets, the others are in boxes.


Just a few of the smaller 22 Wildcats from the Arizona Mountains.


Some Finnish 7,62x39 blanks.

Some books.

This is my drawer with the 7mm cartridges 0f my collection (7x43mm, 7mm compromise, 7mm HV, 7mm second optimum etc…

I’m always looking for more items and info of these rounds…


In addition some information about the various types;

lowest row, the first 5 rounds are .280 the rest (of the row) is .280/30 (modified base)
these are 280: ball type A alu case (130 gr), ball type B alu case (140gr), ball type A brass case, API (black tip), observing (red tip)
280/30: 2x ball type A alu case (2 colors), ball type A 130 gr with lead core (dark blue tip), ball type A with steel core, ball type B with lead core yellow tip (140 gr), ball type B with steel core (green tip 140 gr).

2nd row: ball type C (pink tippointed steel core), ball type AA (brown tip boattailed steel core) 4x 7mm mk I with different headstamps (UK and Belgium) all with CN jacked meaning of the yellow tip is unknown.

3rd row: drill round filled with coaldust and leadballs, (green tip 140 gr steel core type B),AP eggshell blue tip, sectioned AP round of Belgium design,2x tracer (white tip), observation (red tip), 3x blank (or grenate?), 1970 produced 7mm mkI (purple tip).

4th row: 7mm high Velocity (7x49.15mm), 4x 7mm compromise with different headstamps (7x51mm),4x 7mm second optimum (7x49mm) later sold to Venesuala as 7 mm Liviano round.

and for more information just have a look at my website,
280 enfield page

hope this helps…


Hammer–Please explain some more. What country made it and what do the words after the 112 (which I assume means 112mm) mean.

Here is these 2 different training ammos for APILAS:

Hammer–Are we both talking about the same round. I can not imagine the one I mean could be fired in a shoulder tube as the pictures show. I am asking about the large round beside the gray cabinet in the first picture. It appears to be larger than 112mm. Could you please post a better picture of it?

Hammer–Ignore my request for a better picture. I see that you did post one on your last post. It had not appeared on my screen before I wrote my last request.

It is not real clear. Is this a recoiless round with holes in the case?