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New from RWS (RUAG Ammotec)

Cartridge specially made for shooting cinemas
At the moment this round is made in 5 different calibres.

Kal. 7x64 with a 139 grain bullet
Kal. .308 Win. with a 147 grain bullet
Kal. .30-06 with a 147 grain bullet
Kal. 8x57 IS with a 187 grain bullet
Kal. 9.3x62 with a 196 grain bullet


sorry but what is a “shooting cinema”?

A shooting cinema is a indoor shooting range.
For example the film shows a deer is running from the left to right.
At the moment you fired your weapon the film stops, and you can see were you hit the target.


Dutch, do you know if all the cartridges used have a “DAG” hs ?

Wow! Those are very cool! Talk about specialized! I have never heard of “Cinima Shooting”. At first I thought they had something to do with the movie making business until you explained it. Very interesting 4 sure! I wish their was a range like that in Miami :-)


I think that “cinema ranges” in U.S. terms would be called “interactive ranges” and there are a number of different types and providers.

I think that some use actual projectiles fired on a normal range with a screen in front of the backstop for the scenario to be projected on it. These are the early style, and probably the operator would stop the action when the shot is fired so they can judge the effectiveness of the aim, or the need to shoot. Scenarios often include “shoot/no-shoot” situations for law enforcement, etc.

Others use real or imitation guns altered to fire laser or other light or energy beams (but no projectiles) against a target projected on a screen that can detect where the “shot” hit. I believe that these can provide hunting scenarios as well military engagements, or the traditional law enforcement or self defense situations.

Call around to some of your local gun ranges (indoor types) and see if they have “interactive” stuff with various scenarios. They are excellent for concealed weapon permit holders to practice on. (And if ever involved in the need to shoot in self defense, a record of having had some decision making shoot/no shoot practice may help prove it is a legitimate self defense case.)

Yes, all with a “DAG” head stamp.


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