Collector Named Donald B Bady

In conjunction with some research, am looking for information on a collector named Donald B. Bady who was active in the late 1950s and perhaps late. His address was Forest Hills NY. If you know or knew him or have any information related to him please drop me an email or PM. Based on some information I recently received he had some insights into early DWM activity in the 1902-1910 timeframe that I have never seen anyplace else. I would love to know the source of his information. He knows a LOT more about early autopistol cartridge development at DWM than I have seen documented in anything I have seen or heard about.

Any help or ideas much appreciated.



You could try one of the people search websites, he may still be alive although its a long time thats elapsed. You might find he has a widow who still has all his stuff. People keep these things. If nothing else you should find a death record which would give a full address and there may well be relatives still living in the area. It depends how deep you want to dig.

A man named Donald B. Bady, age 81, died in New York last November. I think it’s likely this is the author of the Colt book and the person you’re interested in. Is it not possible his source of the DWM information was his publisher, Fred Datig? Jack

Jack, Thanks!

You could be right. I spoke with Fred pretty often in the 10 years before he died, and usually on DWM. The conversation began when I talked to him about allowing me to clean up and reprint his original copies of the DWM case and bullet files. We talked about what other DWM info he had, and he had a Xerox of an early catalog which I also printed. He never mentioned any other information, but when Donald Bady wrote his article on the Schoube pistol ammunition in 1957 he included a lot of DWM information that was not in any of the stuff I got from Fred. Maybe Fred had this stuff and gave it to Bady so no longer had it or even remembered it almost 50 years later when we talked about DWM. Maybe Fred had it with his stuff and just forgot about it. I don’t know who got Fred’s files, if anybody.

Both are gone now along with all their knowledge and there notes and records are probably already in a landfill somewhere! Pity…

Thanks for checking.


Lew: After I posted the message above I found another obit note that specifically mentioned Bady’s Colt book. It’s uncanny when someone we once knew however well passes from our midst we realize we have a question to pose to that person. Jack

There are lots of serious Colt collectors at, and posting something there might elicit more information about Donald Bady, as he is well known among them. I’ve had his book “Colt Automatic Pistols” for many years and refer to it often.

What a shame to have missed him by a few months, how bad is that? The obit says he died in Manhatten in November. I was there in August.

Its far from me to suggest to you what should do on this but if you feel he may have had notes that might end up in a landfill I would suggest a respectful contact might still be appropriate if handled tactfully. Often, in fact usually, the family don’t know what to do with it all. A good home, ie donated to the IAA and catalogued, is a fitting tribute for a life’s work.

Vince, I agree and have made that suggestion.

Frankly, we all need to think about how we try to preserve the notes and records of our more senior collectors. I know for a fact that a hugh amount of irreplacable information has been lost with some of our older collectors.

In the digital age, it is possible to have the information scanned into .pdf files that could be made available to all IAA members or all ECRA members or whatever organization organized the work.

All it takes is a group of collectors who are willing to devote some of their time. I have overcommitted my time already. If there are those who are interested in doing this under IAA sponsership, get in touch with me and I’m willing to work it with the IAA Board.



During his US Army service, Donald Bady worked under Col. George B. Jarrett, as did Datig and several other authors of note.