Collectors of Percussion Cap tins?

Other than 4 or 5 other collectors that I know of, is there anyone else out there collecting percussion cap tins? This seems to be a neglected area of research.

I would be very interested to hear from anyone that is actively collecting and or researching this area.


hi Will
I do not collect that.
I have very few of them (less than 10, mainly french and italian ones)

My friend who is one of the biggest french collector has a lot of them (all countries).
He likes them !
I will ask him if he has duplicates but I doubt.
But he can send me pictures if he has interesting ones.

I can help you if you are interested because I have tin labels pictures of:

  • Gaupillat, SFM, Cartoucherie Stephanoise : almost all of them
  • Gevelot : very few (archives destroyed during a flood)
  • British ones : a lot (in fact they were french made but they wear the customer labels)

But not before December, I am leaving on Sunday for one month.
Therefore you have time to tell me what is interesting you exactly (manufacturer, period)

I will put them here also. It will perhaps interest other people.
But I doubt, it is a very special collection and not many people as you said.


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Hi JP.
I would be very happy and excited to see pictures. I am interested in the photo’s that you have and any early ones your friend has. I know that PM has quite a collection too.

Perhaps putting them on the forum also might get others interested in collecting them too.



I don’t know that I have any substantial collection of these but I do have a fair assortment of UMC, though this is a mix of percussion cap and primer tins, and then a number of others that I’ve come across and kept because there was still some room in that drawer. Are you looking for anything in particular?

i do not necessarily “collect” percussion caps but every so often I seem to “acquire” some.
These just came my way last week. The NAVY ARMS is a full 10 pack, and the ALCAN box is sealed.
I have shot the NAVY ARMS caps, many years ago, but I had never seen an ALCAN box.

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Hi Will,

Emails sent.


hi Will
Is it that you are looking for ? here is an example

Perhaps something like this.



Or this?

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I have when I can find them, try to dig them out and take a picture soon.

Hi All.

Thank you all for replying.

J.P.: The tins you show are Flobert tins from one of the SFM label books. Very nice. I had not seen the Robert Ramsbottom label before. There a large number of the French labels that I have not seen before. I suspect FM and AL have many more too. Any pictures of any labels that they made and any labels that they made for others would be greatly apprciated. Have a great trip.

Rich B: Any early US tins and early English and European tins. I am researching makers and there were many makers and distributors in all of these countries that I am unaware of. Sometimes the best starting points for research is an example of the tin.

Badger Jack: These are modern and beyond the scope of what my interest is. HOWEVER, don’t let that discourage you. If you have interesting ones, please post them, modern or not. There are others, including our editor, who are interested in these. Thank you for posting the pictures!

Dutch: I have 5 different variations of similar labels, but had not seen this one before. Nice tin! I think the person who did the printing for them made up new labels everyday. I have about 70 or 80 different Eley tins and bags and still keep seeing different ones all the time. They must have made at least 200+ different labels or more.

Thank you all. Please keep posting pictures. When I figure out how to post pictures (hopefully this week or next week), I will post some tins. I might contact Dwight (editor) about another cover or spread of tin photo’s (anotated).


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Not sure if I had sent you this one before, nice tin as it retains the internal label which invariably are missing.


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Hi Mike.

You don’t often find them with the outer wrapper too.


Hi Will
You are right they are Flobert ctges. I put the wrong picture (in the hurry to take the plane two hours later)
I have the same pages as AL.
About PM perhaps not.
But we found new books.
No time to scan them before departure. Therefore no time to compare the books to check.

Will, I finally made some progress on this project. Most of these are self-evident as to maker and some are missing the side label that might have given a clue to the maker.

Improved Anticorrosive Size 54

100 Superior Metallined Waterproof Percussion Caps Size 54 100 Superior Metallined Waterproof Percussion Caps Size 56

Gevelot Hicks 100 E B Waterbury , Conn !Hicks Central Fire Ground Edge Waterproof  Waterbury , Conn
Paper container
Metal container
REM UMC Ground Edge Foil Lined Percussion Caps REM UMC Hicks Percussion Caps Foil Lined
Obviously not early, from the final run at Bridgeport before the move to Lonoke, ARRemington 100 FC No 12 Percussion Cap from final run at Bridgeport
Remington Arms Company F.C. Trimmed Edge  Foil Lined  No. 9
!Remington Arms Co Dupont No 12 FC Trimmed Edge Foil Lined 100 Percussion Caps

Successors to F. Joyce & Co  London, England No. 25
UMC & C Co. No 12 percussion caps
UMC 100 Foil Lined Percussion Caps for Colt's Patent Belt and Pocket Pistols
UMC 250 Water Proof Percussion Caps Adapted to Shells for Colt's Pistol and Breech Loading shot Guns paper
UMC 250 Water Proof Percussion Caps Adapted to Shells for Colt's Pistol and Breech Loading shot Guns print UMC Double Waterproof Central Fire Percussion Caps
UMC Percussion Caps F.C. Central Fire Trimmed Edge Foil Lined No. 12 UMC Percussion Caps F.C. Central Fire UMC Foil Line Water-proof caps UMC Foil Lined Percussion Caps UMC Hick's Percussion Caps Foil Lined Water-Proof 2 UMC Hick's Percussion Caps Foil Lined Water-Proof 3 UMC Hick's Percussion Caps Foil Lined Water-Proof UMC Percussion Caps Central Fire Trimmed Edge Foil Lined


Hi Rich.
Nice grouping of tins. You have a nice series of UMC tins. The UMC& C Co tin is quite rare. The UMC Colt tins are nice too. The first tin you show with no makers name is English and circa 1850’s. I have not seen that one before. If you are going to St Louis, bring it along. Upon a closer examination I may be able to identify the maker for you.
Thank you for sharing the photos.

Will, it has a look of Pursall to it? from the graphics and the wording but that could be wishful thinking on my part!

@RichB Thanks for sharing, some nice tins there.


I was thinking that way too. Either Armstrong or Pursal. Or it could be a minor maker or someone trying to counterfiet someone else’s tin during the same era. There were a lot of people putting out tins in the 1850’s and early 1860’s with their own label on Joyce or Eley tins. Rebranding by today’s retailers had their roots a long time ago.


Will, I’ll bring that first one to St. Louis as I had absolutely nothing known on it. Will & Mike, I’m not familiar with either of those makers. Any examples? Thanks.