Color tips-Gun Show Specials?

There are a few cartridges for sale of different calibers 9MM LUGER, 40 S&W., 223 that all have the same deep violet color tip. They are suppose to be incendiary rounds. Are these just Gun Show specials?

Those are from Clark’s Custom Cartridge of Kentucky ( ). He loads new cartridges with incendiary / exploder tips and they are for internet / gunshow sale. As far as modern incendiary / exploder rds go, they are high quality.

Some .44mag that he loads:

Have you ever seen, or gotten, any of his 7.62x25 rounds?

I haven’t seen him do any in 7.62x25, but he probably would load some if he has the dies.

They are listed on the website.

DK, Interesting website—thanks! I noticed that the purple tip rounds (45 ACP, etc) are called Hand-Gernade Incendiary, the 9mm is called a Flash-Bang Incendiary and has a blue tip, and the 7.62x25mm is called a Starburst Incendiary, and my guess is that it will have a white tip since this is the tip color that “Starburst” loads on the internet. I have asked Mr Clark the difference between the Hand-Gernade and the Flash-Bang loads and will post his reply.

Carolyn, There are a number of producers of this speciality ammunition. The one I have known of the longest is Jim Haak (Northern Arizonia Munitions) who is an IAA member and active on this Forum. These are a number of others that have shown up and disappeared over the last 25 or so years. Some of the related threads are shown below and there are others.

My guess is that most of the sales are on the internet or at gun shows, but I kwas told on good authority-the producer- that some of these rounds have been sold to military units including the Cost Guard and the National Guard. Quite some time ago units were issued their own credit cards for commercial purchases below some $ threshold. Units in all the services have used these to buy all kinds of stuff that would normally be commercial. One Guard unit about to deploy to Iraq ordered a large number Chinese made snap on bipods for their troops on a commercial buy! This makes it almost impossible to answer your question Carolyn. I think these qualify as Gun Show Specials, but that doesn’t mean that they havn’t been used by Government agencies bought the military.

Nothing in this hobby is simple anymore. The old question of “Who made this?” is becoming so complex that there is seldom an answer.



The hunting load for the 50 BMG is very interesting. The first time I have seen a similar 50 BMG load was on a Will Reuter’s list

I exchanged emails with Mr Clark of Clark Custom Cartridge on the difference between the difference (filler, construction or effect) between the Hand Grenade and the Flash-Bang Incendiary loads. His reply;