Colour coding in Russian 7.62x54R bullet tips?


A friend has a 7.62x54R headstamped 21 (@ 12 o’clock) and 88 (@ 6 o’clock). The bullet has a silver tip over a yellow band. Now I know that a silver tip = light ball and a yellow tip = heavy ball, so what is this one?


It’ s a steel core heavy ball, made in Hungary


Exactly. Steel core heavy ball. Marked “DPS” on the sealed cans. Coincidence or not, this is almost the same exact projectile used by the Czechs in their 7.62x54r vz.59 “Tz” (heavy) load of the 1950s (no color coded tip however). The projectile is very long, similar in concept to the German 7,9 Mauser S.m.E. (lang) projectile.

A lot of this “DPS” ammunition made it to the US as surplus a few years ago.



Thank you both!