Colt 308 & 223 Zinc Plated Steel Case & Brass 22LR

I just received my Tulammo Brass Maxx 9x19mm that Fede located for me. At the same time, I ordered a few items to take to Europe for the meeting.

-Monarch 223 steel which was just Barbaul lacquered steel case packed in the Russian military looking paper packet inside a Monarch box

-Tulammo Brass Maxx 223 made in Italy

-Colt 308 WIN zinc plated cartridges in a blue & silver box with the Colt Logo and horse on label. Figured it was likely just Barnaul 308, but the headstamp surprised me. It was “COLT (Barnaul cyrillic) .308 WIN”. The side of the box clearly stated it was Barnaul manufacture.

You never know what headstamp you will find when you open a box anymore.


Lew, thanks a lot for sharing!

Lew, thanks for this information. Is the box marked “Barnaul” or “”? I assume that this headstamp was also used in Russian made Colt’s .223 Remington cartridges (not the ones by Black Hills loaded in LC brass). Their .22 Long Rifle rounds are made in Mexico by Industrias Tecnos, but I don’t how these are headstamped. Anyone has more information?

Box is marked Barnaul and the factory address!


Interesting, there are two box variations and yours would be the most recent. Somehow it makes sense, since Bear Ammunition doesn’t seems to exist anymore.

Fede-the box end gives the website as, but that site appears to be down. I haven’t looked for an old page for it.

This ammo was also made in .223 apparently. I have looked for it in other calibers, particularly 9mm and couldn’t find anything. In fact, I couldn’t find the .223 on sale anywhere.



I ordered a box of the 62 gr. .223 from AmmoToGo. Paid a bit too much, but whats so new about that. Several other sites have it listed but are out of stock. Hope that the word COLT is on the H/S.
Was wondering about a copy right infringement with the use of the Rampart Colt on the boxes???

I just saw a picture of the .22 Long Rifle headstamp made in Mexico: it reads “Colt”! Guess it will be a very collectable headstamp in the future.

These .308 are like other .308 (Steel) made for Hornady and other US distributors by Russian plants…all have the Russian .254" (6,45mm) Berdan Primer. This Primer size was a decision made some 20 years ago, when Russian Factories started making Brass .308 cased ammo for export. Probably because (a) they had the production capacity for .254" Primers and (b) they wanted to make something not easily reloadable by the Reloader keen US market…( so a Berdan and “un-obtainium” size Primer)…that makes for bigger repeat sales.

One of my customers here in Australia does reload them (I supplied him with RWS #6504 primers and a 1/4" priming ram for his RCBS AutoPrime tool.).

Tula Primers (Murom) from does make the .254" primer (Non corrosive) but whether it is imported to the USA I don’t Know.

For INFO only.

Doc AV

Just an update regarding " COLT " headstamped, zinc plated steel case items.
The box of .223 REM / 5.56 that I had mentiond in an earlier reply to Lew"s remarks of zinc plated steel cased ammo from Russia, arrived earlier today.

Indeed as is shown on the .308 that Lew posted, these .223’s do indeed have the word COLT in the H/S which follows: COLT (Barnaul logo) .223REM

62gr. gmcs fmj, zinc plated steel case, brass primers, 20rd box, black plastic divider.

I received a box of the 223 steel case and they are exactly as described by FrankN.

I also received some boxes of the Colt 22LR. The box is blue with the identical “Colt” and Horse logo. The back of the box includes the statement:

The headstamp is “Colt” in the same style as on the box label. There is no other company name or address on the box

It sure looks like whoever owns the Colt name and logo is renting it out to ammo companies who want to produce Colt ammo for sale in the US.

Does anyone have any idea who owns the Colt name and logo for ammunition?


Grea info!
Any chance we could get a visual update on the hs of the 5.56x45 and the box markings maybe?

Eod, Here they are! The box is the identical layout of the 308 box!

Lew, great! Thanks a lot!

I was asked for the headstamp on the .22s so here it is.



Thanks Lew, That is a Beauty headstamp!!!